Hey guys!

I hope everyone is enjoying the RTX 2016 hype like I am now that tickets are officially on sale! It makes RTX seem so much closer than before which is driving me a bit crazy, cause I want it to be like TOMORROW so I can go see the Rooster Teeth Community take over Austin and meet all the staff that I've seen so much in videos!

I'm sure that I'm going to be supremely starstruck every time I recognize someone, so I'm going to try to mentally prepare myself to actually SPEAK to people, even when I'm nervous... Much luck will be needed!

So this is my first ever RTX and I'm going to be enjoying every minute of it with my boyfriend, Evan! We both were lucky enough to snag some VIP tickets in the moments that they weren't sold out, but in the craziness of refreshing the page a million times and trying to add tickets to our carts and being met with error messages, we gave up on trying to use my sponsor code for discounted tickets in favor of a speedy check out.

SO, I have an unused discount code that I would like to share with a lucky someone! If you are interested send me a message!

See all you lovely people at RTX!