Decided to post this in my journal as well. :)

Hey, everyone! So excited to have finally joined the community in the forums.

I watched Rooster Teeth content back when Red vs. Blue first started and then lost track of it. Somehow, maybe two years ago, I stumbled upon Achievement Hunter and their Let's Plays. I don't even recall how or what video got me into them, though it might have been something GTA. Anywho, I became so addicted to those and the antics of those six guys (and occasionally an awesome gal would be in there, too) that they became the main thing I watched. Whenever I'd sit down and eat, whether at work or at home, I'd watch a Let's Play. Recently, I've started exploring other Rooster Teeth content, and I am AMAZED by this website and the community. So much different from YouTube.

I'm happy to be here and welcome everyone else who is new!

P.S.: If you need a friend, feel free to add me. Also, shout out to the Mad King/Dark God, Ryan. I'm just a lowly Slightly Perturbed Prince for now, but SOME day...