So i've been using PimpLippy for my username in gaming for a number of years, but it happens that i actually hate that name, and i have recently been changing them all to my normal username, the one i do like and use most often, or at least a variation of it.

So from this point on i'll be using "v_Thunderwolf_v" as my used name on the RT site.

steam already uses "Thunderwolf"

i changed it on War Thunder

Minecraft used "v_Thunderwolf_v" anyway

World of Warships and World of Tanks also use a variation fo "Thunderwolf" anyway.

While Xbox Live is still "v_FireHound_v" (Pimplippy got changed by MS) it will be changed to "v_Thunderwolf_v" again once i have the money that MS asks for...when ever that will be.

as for why i used a name i didn't like, long story short is it was originally used as it was a nickname given by some mates, for reasons i won't explain it, over time it started to sound more like an insult than a nickname. i kept using it as everyone in the game world knew me better as Lippy but now, it pisses me off.

so i changed it., if that confused people, so be it, it better than using a name i dislike intently.

side note, would like it if people stopped calling my Lippy/Pimp/etc and start calling me wolf, Thunder or TW instead....cause reasons.

Thanks everyone.