There's nothing wrong with trying something a bit different so we are this week on the Digital Forecast.  We really want to put the focus on the trailers this week.  Take a glance at the ones we've selected - the best, the worst and the most bizarre.  Simply click the image and you'll be taken to the trailer so you can check them out for yourself.

We really have no idea why David Hasselhoff was chosen to pimp Burnout Crash and we really don't know if we do or don't like this trailer.  What we do know is that we're utterly confused and find it kinda sad that The Hoff has gone from riding around in Kit to dressing like a chicken.

Did you know that you can make a commerical for a AAA video game simply by blowing up an incredibly cool piece of artwork?  This seems very similiar to this week's Clip of the Week featuring the Final Fantasy ostrich in that we think someone got fired for this.

Words can not describe the excitement I have for this game.  Having played it at PAX I can tell you that, while last year's game was wicked fun, this is definitely the NBA Jam game that Jam fans have been waiting for.  FINALLY Tag Mode is included!

How do you guys feel about the idea of finding secrets by using your internet browser while you're playing a game?  You can do that in Star Fax 64 3DS.  Doesn't it take all the fun out of exploring through the game?  Let us know if your comments.

I gotta admit that I haven't been very excited about the 10th anniversary release of Halo but after seeing this gameplay it does get me a little jazzed to replay some old levels again.  Does this gameplay trailer have the same effect on you?

This past week we had over 100 trailers hit the site and these are just a few we chose to select to feature in case you missed them.  As always, you can see these and all the trailers  uploaded to ScrewAttack on our  trailer home page.  And finally, what do you think of this text format?  As you know, we love your feedback while we experiment with different shows and ideas.