I apologize in advance CoinToss (Figcoinc); although I do agree on some of your arguments, such as how the past FGC was more friendly and 'ideal', I am going to have to disagree with the rest of your comment.

The defendants of this particular case defended their perspective on this topic very poorly by stating that it has simply always been existing. As another member of the fighting game community myself (though admittedly still a newcomer as far as age is concerned), I have witnessed firsthand the sort of verbal..'communication' that the majority of the 'stream-monsters' use, and I have to say sure, they are overall barbaric, and yet most of them are generic uses of memes, quotes, FGC terminology, and judgement on various parts of the human anatomy; not a lot of them are really that original and thus aren't really coming from the heart of that user, mostly coming from their mind and their MLG-branded dick (aka the gamer ego and/or id). What I'm trying to say is that these particular taunts shouldn't really damage others so much because they're merely phantoms of what they originally were, and even then most of them were merely jokes constructed from impulse.

As for the controversy over 'fair-play', that is part of being a warrior..in general. Good fighters know how to play the game, great fighters know how to train the other player to play the game their way, using various techniques of psychology and pacing whether consciously or not, but the best fighters, know how to only allow in their own psychology and focus only on their objective. Why do you think Saikyo, despite being an overall silly copycat of Shotokan Karate in current portrayal, is still considered a valid fighting style?Because it hurts the opponents mentally more than physically. As far as my book is concerned, winning the mental battle and either making the opponent willingly submit defeat or breaking their composure is much more satisfying than simply making the opponent's body collapse despite still having a will to carry on the task at hand.

Now comes the complicated part. Some people are more sensitive than others and thus find the previous suggestion of ignoring them harder to complete. Everyone has their own personality and story and that's excellent for inspiring authors. But here's where the problem comes in. What people like Twitch community manager, Jared Rea in this particular scenario want to do is tone down this tenacity and ferociousness to be more acceptable to be the general public (BTW: His argument about the current behavior alienating females is completely hypocritical to his overall cause as it is stereotyping the female mentality into one group; who says no girl gamers or even girls in general like this sort of thing?). That's like censoring someone's personality, censoring someone's story. We, the internet of all people, should agree that this is simply wrong after getting pissed and rampaging SOPA with torches and pitchforks to stop it from "censoring the internet". It's just what we humans are; Humanity 101. If you want to talk about hyspocriy even further, take a look at Hollywood. Some 'celebrities' (if not most) perform countless acts of drugs, and overall drama and yet there's media like US Weekly and TMZ that glorify this kind of behavior because it's 'entertaining'.  Hell even our governments our doing this sort of thing, but it's allowed because they claim they're doing it for the good of the people. [Blah de blah blah Insert further Society is Wrong Ranting Here]

But that's the problem with us humans: Everyone wants to be the hero, the victim, the main character. But we just have to admit it: Some us just have to be the side characters. Some of us have to play the villian, and some of us just have to be extras, because without without the rest of the cast, the main character will just seem flat as shit. That's Storytelling 101. Which is why Pro Wrestling , a 'sport' that is so similiar to the fighting game community it's not even funny, is still around and loved even When we know it's All Fake!

I'm getting off topic here so back to the FGC in particular (baby steps). This is not how we should be handling the situation. If you don't like how the FGC world is working now, ignore it and just lead by example by being yourself. Just like how no matter what, every one of us is influenced by our parents (whether wanting to become them or trying not to become them, it's still influence), there's going to be at least a 0.00001% probability that someone is going to be influenced by you. Depending on your charisma, skill, and other facotrs,  soon that micropopulation will become larger and larger until it's practically trending worldwide from the millions and millions of fighting game fans as you put boots and hadoukens in asses all over the place!.....Sorry, coulnd't resist another wrestling reference ^__^"

In short, we shouldn't be forcing our players to change who they are..we should be inspiring them to want to change. And that's my defense your honor and jury of the court. I may not be no Phoenix Wright, but I believe that my case is at least justified to present a fair trial for this debate...maybe I consider myself a Harvey Birdman at best.