"With all due respect to our friends in the media who like to frequent trademark sites, we thought we'd like to break this one ourselves. :) 

Our legal eagles have authorized us to say: "We have either renewed or refilled a trademark application in various jurisdictions." 

That's it! Have a good Monday!"- playXBLA

This was the reply given almost immedietly after Microsoft seemed to have renewed the trademark for Rare's Killer Instinct series. Ever since the news that ex-Rare employees claimed that Microsoft wanted Rare to focus on 'family-friendly' titles, any hope of a new Killer Instinct coming out seemed to have been smacked down. That is until today.

Now don't get your hopes up just yet. True, this may be hinting at the much desired Killer Instinct 3, but Microsoft could also just be renewing the trademark so that Rare could focus on an HD-release of the original Killer Instinct titles for Xbox Live Arcade. Hell, they could just be renewing it just to sell KI merchandise like t-shirts and stuff! Either way, it seems that KI is coming back to the market in some way.

So I guess now is a good time than any to discuss Killer Instinct, so to those just waiting to input your thoughts into the comments section below:

  1. If Rare is actually working on Killer Instinct 3 as we're speak, what would you want included in the game? What features from the previous entries do you want to remain, and what new ideas would you like to propose to the development team?
  2. If Rare is actually working on an Killer Instinct HD Edition for the XBLA, what features would you want to be put in besides the game itself?
  3. Just in general, what are your fondest/worst KI memories?