For you Xbox Live users out there, you've probably had your fair share of homophobic, sexist and racist remarks thrown into your ears during a game, more likely just from the first five minutes of entering it. 

For those tired of being on the receiving end of the majority of generally nasty communication, Microsoft may have a solution coming for the Xbox One. You know those 5 stars in your Gamercard that represent your "Reputation"? Pretty useless and inaccurate now, right? Well Microsoft is planning to change all that by implementing a new type of system to track down an individual's behavior, and then segregate them into either the good or naughty list, based on said behavior. 

Microsoft senior product manager, Mike Lavin went on to further explain what they are planning to do and their reasons for doing it now:

"What we're looking at doing is creating a very robust system around reputation and match-making. Ultimately if there's a few percent of our population that are causing the rest of the population to have a miserable time, we should be able to identify those folks... A lot of people out there are really liking to use the term "Xbox Live Hell" when describing this. This type of segregating players isn't a new idea either. Publishers like Capcom put in such "Hell" systems into games like Marvel vs. Capcom 3... ?If we see consistently that people, for instance, don't like playing with you, that you're consistently blocked, that you're the subject of enforcement actions because you're sending naked pictures of yourself to people that don't want naked pictures of you. Blatant things like that have the ability to quickly reduce your Reputation score."

Personally I'm a little disappointed. No one's ever sent me naked pictures of themselves to me. Nonetheless this seems to be a big enough problem that Lavin had to go out and point that example out. The tricky part comes in when it involves a group of players together, a party if you will. What happens with this particular situation? Apparently the party will be assigned points of behavior as a group, with that number only reflecting the lowest scoring member of the party, Lavin suggesting that 

"the weight of peer pressure" may help encourage better player behavior"

Relying on peer pressure? Really? From experience, when someone is bringing the rest of the team down, such a situation makes or breaks relationships. 

Apologies for the cynical perspective, but more likely than not, I can see party members kicking out the dead weight off the boat, before even considering trying to lighten the weight or even going down with the ship.

As a whole, I see this plan and system as a great step forward to making the online community a big happy world of friendship, lollipops and whole-heartingly fun gaming. But the dark part of me can't help but also see this as an exploitive issue. Referring back to the five-star Reputation system we have for Xbox 360 now, I lost one full star merely because of claims that I was too good at the game, and thus I must have been cheating. The fatal flaw in Santa Claus's plan every 

Christmas is that behavior isn't always black and white, sometimes being a shade of subjective grey. The worse case scenario I can see from this is when  people are being sent into the dark depths of Xbox Live, due to misinterpreted sarcasm, kind of like an earlier incident involving League of Legends last week.

Well I know of numerous YouTubers out there, those whose contents focuses on trolling other players, are going to be overall disappointed with this news and may need to rethink their business strategies in the future...or at least become more clever at their craft.?

Comment Question: So you probably are at least a little glad Microsoft is continuing to try enforcing proper online etiquette for their Xbox Live service, but are you also worried that this can also be taken or used the wrong way? And Whatever happened to "Gamer Zones"? Wasn't that the original solution behind for this quandary when Xbox 360 debuted? How many of you Xbox Live players actually used that Gamer Zone preference, and did you see any changes to your match-making experience? Do you think it will be the same results with this new Reputation system being looked into?