Money matches have been becoming a thing for fighting games for quite a while now. However nothing was official was in place to hold these deals together other than a code of honor. Capcom? has decided to finally capitalize on the trend by partnering with Virgin Gaming, of all places, to make playing online matches for money official.

Virgin Gaming is a website where registered users can deposit money into an online cashier, to then bet that money against other players in either straight up head-to-head games, or even participate in tournaments. The library of games to use this service for however was previously mostly limited to EA Sports games like Madden, FIFA, NBA Live, etc. This partnership with Capcom is the first partnership with the billion dollar company's gaming branch in years.

For those now already devising their plans to become as rich as Richard Branson with their fight stick/pad, all they have to do is register an account on, register their gamertag/PSN ID into said account, then select "SSFIVAE" as one of their games. Afterwards, players will have to either challenge other players to head-to-head matches for quick bucks (depending on how quickly you can schedule a good time for the match with your opponent), or participate in a tournament, with a $1 minimum entry fee. By the looks of things now, the process to receiving payout for each successful bet is old-fashioned, like Nintendo Magazine contest entry old-fashioned: Send a captured, unedited photo of the game results to your profile's Report Center and then wait for the proceeds. The site also advises to use the game's Replay Channel features to save your matches and keep them as proof of either your stylish victory or humiliating loss.

Virgin Gaming's services doesn't require money though. For those who prefer be poor like Ryu and just fight for pride, Free Mode is also a thing, with worldwide ranks and leaderboards keeping track of both types of play.

I'm assuming this service will carry over to Ultra Street Fighter IV, but as of now both official sources have stated 'Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition' specifically. I'm personally excited that official money matches have become a reality, even though I'm going to be a bit apprehensive about putting my money on the line, especially considering the competition still out there who are also looking forward to using their skills to barely pay the bills.

Raise your Wongers, and now your dolla dolla bills y'all

Now all that's left is to make Salty Bets deal with real currency during live events.

Comment Question: Are you planning on using Virgin Gaming's services for online money matches? See any problems with this in general? If you're already using Virgin Gaming and want to face off against other g1s for money, how about you put your Virgin Gaming username in the comments below as well to receive challenges in the long as you don't use it to launder money or violate any of the other terms in the contract of course.