Today's dose of daily news comes to us from a story that began all the way back in 2012. Specifically, around the time that PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale was released. A fan of the Parappa series contacted Dred Foxx, voice actor of Parappa in Parappa the Rapper, to see if he would be able to do a few lines of voice acting for a fan cartoon.  

Mr. Foxx agreed to this, and he was paid $100 to read the lines. Unfortunately, he reportedly lost them due to the damage his computer suffered, but reassured them that if the voice work wasn't done, they would be refunded their payment in full. Neither of the two options occurred for the proposed voice work or the refund.

The story goes on further, with Dred acting hostile when asked for a refund, to begging more fans for money to replace a stolen iPad, to this very week where Dred accused the two fans of capitalizing off his success and declaring himself a legend on a Parappa the Rapper fan page. I highly encourage you to read the entire story right here for every detail of the madness that ensued upon the 19-year old and his friend, as well as the meltdown of Dred Foxx.

A common misconception; Just because there isn't a written contract does not mean one has not been formed.  You agreed to do voice work in exchange for payment. Payment which you already received.

Legend? Ha! There are YouTubers more" legendary" known than you!

Your lack of punctuation and attention to grammar is getting on my nerves.

You're real alright.  Real dumb.  Also, that was a terrible rhyme.


Not paying a cent? Enjoy the litigation you illiterate moron! You failed to perform the initial work that you were paid to do and have refused to refund them for money you have no legal right to have.

To those that think this is some elaborate hoax, allow this video to remove any doubts about the story's credibility.

I hope you find this as amusing as I find this disgusting. I talked about how unprofessional the sympathy beggars at Corecell Technology were a few weeks back, but this is absolutely despicable. Telling anyone to drop dead like Mr. Foxx did is bad enough as is, but the actions he did in throughout this time period goes beyond unprofessional. It's unbelievable, unethical and more than a touch pathetic that he would go as far as to beg fans for money to replace an iPad that he was careless enough to allow someone to steal it.

But in case you wanted more nonsense to show the incompetent idiocy of Dred Foxx, look no further than this.