Ray Cox IV, aka "Stallion83"  is already the Guinness World Record holder for total gamerscore on an xbox account. However he always had one specific dream in his mind, one challenge he desired to overcome: Reach 1 million gamerscore. With the support of his friends, his girlfriend, his family (especially Ms. Mittens, his cat), and an average of 7,000 viewers watching on his Twitch stream last night, Ray finally "achieved" his goal and is now also going down in the record books for being the first one to reach the 1,000,000 benchmark.

This journey started over 8 years ago, when the Xbox 360 first launched and achievements were a brand new concept for gamers. His first achievement unlocked was in Hexic HD, the free game that came with every console. Ever since, he was hooked, and has played over 1500 different Xbox titles across both the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One. Some of these achievements were easy-peezy, while others proved to be an arbitrary pain in the ass, but Ray says that almost every achievement has been worth it for this moment. Stallion83 would be recognized for his efforts by Microsoft as well, with Major Nelson awarding him a lifetime Xbox Live gold membership and a special white Day One edition Xbox One console.

Almost certain that he would be breaking the million last night, Cox carefully planned each achievement he would get practically to a T so that his gamerscore would hit exactly 1,000,000. The last achievement he would obtain, and the one that would seal the deal for history was for the recently released TitanFall?; appropriately named


I Like a Challenge- 50g


You can view the final moments of the 1 million gamerscore marathon here. Skip to 3:46:05 to see the final achievement unlocked and the semi-emotional celebration afterwards.


It took him nearly a decade, but it's finally been done. Congratulations on your efforts, Ray Cox.


...Now if only you can actually use all those points for something. 


Comment Question: Do you think this was time well-spent for the gamer? How much is your gamerscore so far? Perhaps you can be the achievement whore record-holder of ScrewAttack.