Around 1992-93, Street Fighter II was breaking the bank in arcades with its balanced one-on-one fighting system. It wouldn't be long before there would knock-offs attempting to get a piece of those arcade profits. The most prominent of these would be a Taiwanese ROM-hack, dubbed by players today as Street Fighter II: Rainbow Edition. Rainbow Edition payed no mind to balance or even the basics rules of fighting gameplay, as players could input crazy and broken moves for each character, or even switch between characters mid-round to achieve victory at lightning speed. The ROM-Hack would gain popularity over time however because of its tendency to flip the bird at rules and standards. Pressured not to lose to such a half-assed clone, Capcom would go on to release several 'updated' versions of their game that 'coincidentally' included balanced versions of some of the actions presented in Rainbow, such as Dhalsim's teleport, Chun-Li's fireball, and especially its faster-paced combat. Despite its obviously broken aspects, the game is still well-received by players as an over-the-top lightweight bopper with none of the pressures that come from the real deal.


Fast-forward to Tokyo Game Show 2014, where Capcom announced that it will be traversing to the other end of the rainbow, as Ultra Street Fighter IV will be receiving free DLC in the form of a new mode called Omega Edition later this year. In short Omega Edition can simply be dubbed Street Fighter IV: Rainbow Edition; not built for balance at all, but for pure unorthodox fun. The mode can be played both offline and online (but in a non-ranked setting), and will incorporate crazy versions of each of the 44 characters' individual movesets. Peter "Combofiend" Rosas demonstrates just a sample of just how broken things can potentially be in the new mode in the video below.


While admittely things don't appear to be as broken as its predecessor, the game still proves to be giggling-inducing goodness, as Combofiend explains, or rather just gushes over.

Not much was revealed about the DLC other than this at TGS, but of course more information will surface as we get closer to its release. If there is one thing I hope is implemented into Omega Edition, it's the increase of every characters' overall health by at least a certain percentage. With the unprecedented offense that can transpire in this mode, I fear that as is, matches will simply end just too quickly.
The new content will be making its way to all versions of USFIV sometime later this year. Before that though, the game will also be receiving a new patch in October. Codenamed v. 1.04, the patch will fix unintentional nerfs for Decapre, Cody, and Rolento that came with the previous patch, include delayed wake-up as an option for training mode, and fix some of the PC version's online hiccups like receiving ping mid-match, causing slow-down.
Still no word yet however on the implementation of new updated training/challenge trials for the USFIV roster, especially for the DLC characters that have appeared since Super Street Fighter IV.
So what crazy moves and abilities would you make your favorite fighters have in this brand new mode? Be sure to go nuts with your creativity, as well as express your excitement/concern//disgust/apathy for Omega Edition in the comments below.