Hey all,

So we have some new blood joining us as you all know. About a year ago, we accepted the Funhaus folk into our mix, and now that the ScrewAttack crew has joined us, their community is coming on over, too.

That's actually great news for us here in the RT community. We could definitely use an injection of new life into our online veins around here. I am personally very excited to see some new activity going on in our forums and groups, and hope to see some really great contributors coming in.

While we're seeing these new members transition into their new online home here..

RT OGs: please be courteous and accepting. Change is usually good.

SA folks: I hope you guys get nice and cozy here. We're not always the best with change here in the community, but give us a chance. Though, if you do try to crash some BARs, beware of a little light hazing.

If you run into questions, problems, or anything that needs attention in the community, please reach out to us admins/mods. Seriously, if you have questions about how to post a certain thing, where's a good place to get started in the community, if someone is bothering or harassing you, or you just don't know how the mod points work, talk to us. We're around to help you.

Let's get neighborly.