Over the past months I have been gearing up for a big change in my life and I'm finally at a point to talk about it in a more definite and public sense. Apologies in advance if this journal comes across a little rambly, but I'm just going to go for train of thought, so we'll see what happens.

Around last November I made the decision to leave my job and leave Michigan, there are a multitude of reasons that contributed to this choice, but the big one it boiled down to was that I never intended to stay. I took the job I currently have as a stop-gap measure and I think I stayed for as long as I have because I got complacent and I was scared about moving on. But when the moment came for me to make the decision to essentially shit or get of the pot, I started taking the necessary steps for finding new opportunities.

I knew that applying for jobs around the holidays was not likely to be very successful, so I gathered my resources, worked on my resume/cover letter, and got prepared for the new year.

The first of the year I started sending out resumes and applications in bulk. I had narrowed my search to three cities to focus on and was applying to anything and everything I could possibly be considered for, and along the way I got a bite. It was a company, Epic, I applied for and was also internally referred for (as my sister-in-law works there) and I went through the entire application process, including being flown out for an on-site interview.

Along the way I also made the decision that if I didn't have anything locked down by a certain date, I would move and job hunt in person and more or less wing it. As that date approached I got more and more nervous and scared, but determined that this was the step I needed to take, but then I had some good fortune.

While it was a bit of a tumultuous experience of waiting and not knowing (an aspect I'd rather not get into), this past Wednesday I got a call from the recruiter at Epic and was offered a position, which I accepted instantly.

So basically, after a lot of work and applications and stress, I GOT A JOB!! (which was funnily the first application I actually sent back in January).

What this means now is that in 16 days I will be moving to Madison, WI and starting a position at Epic as a QA tester.

I am equally excited and nervous and also sad that I'll be leaving my friends and my parents (though I will visit, that's not even a question).

It's time for me to start the next chapter. Wish me luck.

tl;dr: I got a job and am moving away