So the crossover's come and gone and everybody's hopefully moved in alright. We apologize for the mess we may have caused while fitting in here, messing up the feng shui of the site a little bit..or maybe a lot. So now that I'm here..what do I do to capitalize on the situation?

See, I was thinking of banging the door open with a dropkick by publishing an articl- I mean journal entry reviving a little series I used to maintain called "Hitstun", a fighting game based discussion series. This revival issue would have been about pseudo-advertising one of the cool sleeper hits of the title ' Rising Thunder' , going over how a one-button special w/ cooldown system, and singleplayer U.I. per screen was putting a 'rising' spin on fighting games as we know it. The article would've concluded with an invitation to check the free alpha out while it was still in full swing.

...Then Riot Games came along.

Welp, so much for talking about the game, now that it's going to be nonexistent now.

So here is where I have a question for you guys, g1s and Roosterteeth alike (that's what they call you guys, right?): Since I have actual free time now with spring break (Woo!), what should I put my effort and research into:

1. Adapt to the news and make speculative article on how Radiant Entertainment will transfer their mechanics from Rising Thunder into a potential League of Legends fighting game (because we all know that's what's gonna happen)?

2. Go on with my planned 2nd article for the series, discussing taunts in fighting games, including their functionality, style, and perhaps a Top 10 of the best ones thus far.