I'm not vindictive per se but I do participate in petty revenge from time to time.

The easiest example being if somebody team kills me in matchmaking because I picked up a power weapon first I will spend the rest of the game reducing their shields to just above zero. The effect of this is 3 fold.

1. It's annoying.

2. It allows the enemy an easy kill.

3. As far as I'm aware I don't get negatively impacted by the game since I am not actually team killing.

Effectively if somebody wants to come and make my experience less enjoyable I am more than happy to repay the compliment.

This desire for petty revenge can go beyond game space albeit in a less overt manner. Some times just wishing a person ill feelings is enough. For example the owner of the company I had my first proper job at (Avient Aviation) was (to put it mildly) a cunt.

Not only was he a bully. He committed fraud, embezzled millions from the company and then "retired" taking all the cash and leaving a debt so large the employees hadn't been paid for 3 months before the company itself was forced to close a few months later leaving us all jobless. This is ignoring that he was also questioned at the Hague for War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity, Weapons Trafficking etc.

When I learned through another ex employee that he was terminally ill and required a Kidney transplant my reaction was a simple "Good, I hope he doesn't get one". Because fuck Andrew Smith. I've not heard anything about his death so I presume he did get one and is unfortunately still living and still being a prick.

This rather neatly ties into the meat of the post. I lost the above mentioned job at a rather bad time. Based on assurances that everything was "gun b k". Myself and my wife had spent money, extended contracts and tied ourselves to things that we couldn't possibly keep up with when 70% of our income literally vanished one Friday morning. Thanks to flaws in the social security system in the UK I quite astoundingly failed to qualify for any benefit or aid whatsoever and we were in kind of dire straits.

To take a circuitous route to the the conclusion of this story I am not 100% blameless for the final outcome, though I am not totally sure what I did merited the response I got.

I had been directed a forum game thread here on the site where I honestly didn't understand what was going on. I injected what I thought was a bit of comedy into an uptight thread. This was not received well. Apparently this was Super Cereal Business and no japes were allowed under any circumstances. Fair enough. Out of a sense of guilt I attempted to ask what was going on and how to go about the Serious Business. But was ceremonially rebuffed so I moved on and forgot all about it. At least that was what I intended to do.

It seemed the gallivanting had attracted the attention of one of the regular sub forum users and he was not happy at all. This unhappiness was expressed through a number of comments on journal updates I made in the coming weeks (updates I might add that had nothing to do with this site, just the everyday goings on in my life that people generally use the journal for). Unless you haven't got the gist, these comments were of a derogatory nature that mostly embodied criticism of my looks or intelligence. I dutifully deleted each one because as we are all taught misguidedly in elementary school you deal with a jerk by ignoring them. Advice which actually works much better online than in the playground.

At least until Avient failed to exist. During what was the shittiest moment of my adult life I used the journal to vent some of my frustrations, my concerns and generally get it out. This guy decided the most awesome thing he could do would be to deride my situation. Initially I kept going with the Delete/Ignore plan of action. I now which I hadn't done that because that means at least half of the evidence is gone. I can no longer prove the guy is a shit stain of humanity. But it seemed like the appropriate thing to do at the time. When, he realised that I was doing this he kept posting until I decided I was bored of the same routine.

So I went back to the forum, which on this site seems to be the thing he is most interested in, and started neutralising his posts. Anything he did, I did the opposite of. It took 3 minutes of my day and hopefully brought a little misery, frustration, anger etc to his.

Other than the single daily post that has no personalisation whatsoever this is the only interaction I have. The pattern soon became clear to the other users of the forum who questioned what was going on. I didn't respond because I was interested to see what he would do. He claimed innocence. Claiming to have no idea why I would go on the most banal of vendetta's against him. Maybe he doesn't. Maybe he is so wrapped up in himself that he sees nothing wrong with his behaviour. Maybe he is just a dick.

I don't believe in Karma or a Universal Plan or anything like that. But I do enjoy finding out that something bad has happened to someone bad.

I used the past tense up above because I participated in my petty vendetta for 3 years until the RT website got its update. In the subsequent weeks it became very hard to quote and respond to posts so I stopped coming by. Then when I tried to come back the site didn't remember me. I eventually capitulated and used the "Sign in with Facebook" option that I am generally loathe to use unless circumstance necessitates.

Dutifully I headed back to the appropriate thread ready to resume the game. Except it was no longer in progress, and hasn't been for at least a month.

At some stage in the last 3 years this guy had taken over running the game after the creator got bored of it (making my daily move that much more irritating since I technically wasn't doing anything wrong and he couldn't kick me).

Unfortunately (for him at least) his life is currently in the crapper. Something about how his business hasn't worked out. He can't afford things and there is concern that an entire lifes plan is in jeopardy.

It seems incredibly and satisfactorily similar to where I was 3 years ago. Not only because of the issues above but also in the venting on this site. But here's the difference. I'm not a big enough jerk to kick somebody when they are down no matter how much of a prick they are.

But just like it is good news for me when a cunt needs a kidney transplant. It is good news when a prick loses his income.