Shelly goes into her surgery tomorrow morning. The surgery will last about 5 hours. They will be removing her colon to determine the stage of her cancer. Best case, it just stayed inside her colon. Worst case, they start chemo.

Can you send her some good vibes? She's foxymenace on Twitter.

Tomorrow, I will start streaming around 6:30pm PST. Hope to see you there.

I gotta be honest, I don't know how to feel right now. I am so scared for her, and the only way I know how to help is to continue streaming and sharing her page. I wish I could do more for her, but this is all I can do. It doesn't feel like enough. I just don't want her to suffer anymore like she has her entire life. I should probably stop typing before I start crying all over my laptop. Thanks for being so supportive you guys.

Less than three you.