I went out for Rohwen's wife's birthday last night. Of course video game discussions started up quite quickly. Well after the cat gifs and dad jokes we shared, cause apparently this has become our newest form of entertainment. He is becoming a father soon, so he has to prepare. But let's go back to the video games cause I'm getting off course.

The Tales series, such as Tales of Symphonia orTales of Vesperia and any of the other games are single player RPG games. They do however offer an option to have someone play with you when you encounter a fight. As you control multiple characters on the field of battle a buddy can hop in and take control of one of the other characters. We came to the realization that we haven't heard of any other game that really implements this kind of mechanic. Unless of course it just slipped our minds at the time. But we do agree it's something interesting to have in an RPG. I haven't looked into an answer myself just yet, but I will soon. Was it put in so if someone is sitting and watching you play can join in at least for the battles? But then how many people would really sit on a couch and watch someone play through a RPG. There is a lot of grinding involved at times and the flow of play can become stagnant because of it. The two of us are also going to try something this week with one of the games to see if our theory on share play works about this.

Now to the second part. Does anyone know of any other games that have a mechanic that works this way? Again, strictly single player game but only allowing co-op in fight sequences.

I hope you all had a great and happy weekend! Mine was super chill and I definitely had a blast. Enjoy your Sunday! :)