Guys, the lovely and ever so adorable @Chelsea just posted a page that lists out the active RT community groups, and it's awesome! Also, give props to @caleb because I know he's been hard at work with building this list as well <3 You can find that list here.

Based on a few of the comments, I do want to point out one thing.

Rooster Teeth does not create these groups. YOU DO. All of these groups were built from the ground up by people like you.

Do you want there to be a group in your area? Do you or someone you know want to take on the challenge of creating said group? Do you want some advice on how to start?


It's so awesome that you want to start a community group in your area! Honestly, that's the first step in creating one. It'll be hard work, especially in the beginning but if this is something you really want to go for, then I support it 100%.

Do a quick search on the site for your location. Example, my area and community baby is RT Vegas. If you can see a group is active, then rock on and get involved! If you see that there is either no group or a group that has showed no activity in years, feel free to create one yourself. If you see that the founder of said group is active on the sight, give them the courtesy of messaging them and ask them what's up with the community group.

If you end up making a community group. My personal touch is create the group and bring it to life. Add a description, tell people what you want to do, and maybe slap together an RT community logo and use that as the profile photo. Canva is a great tool to stick a bunch of stuff together. Plus it's free! The overall message you want to convey is that you want people to see that the page is active and that you are serious about doing this. So make it presentable.

Do you happen to know other people in the area who love RT? Tell them about the group and tell them to tell their friends about it too! Start a Twitter account as well and start following other RT community groups. Get a feel for how they run things and interact with them. Just because you are located in different states/locations doesn't mean you can't form a connection. Lots of groups tend to livestream together or play video games, etc...The internet is a beautiful communication tool. Use it.

Once you're ready to have your first gathering. Test the waters and don't be upset if your first gathering is small. I tend to choose fairly inexpensive events like bowling or hanging out at an arcade and maybe we decide to go to lunch or dinner later. I'm pretty sure we will be doing mini golf next! Be mindful of everyone's travel/budget. This is where you have to really get a feel for your local community. What do they really like to do? How much do they like to spend? Are they sociable? Be open to suggestions too. Every group is different. What may work for one group may not work for another. Again, this part can be difficult, but don't be frustrated. Remember your overall goal: you want to build a place where people can get together and enjoy something they all love.

Set deadlines for yourself. Did you know that RT Community Day is the 15th of every month? Use that as a reminder to get things in gear if you want to organize a gathering. Sometimes, the 15th lands on a day that isn't convenient for most people, and that's okay! Celebrate on another day! If you want to have semi-regular community shenanigans, then set hard deadlines for things you need to do. Sometimes, it's as easy as HEY, SHOW UP HERE and people do, but other times, you may need to take some extra steps like... make reservations, or coordinate with other community members (depending on what you're doing). Be prepared.

Any time you start a community, it will take a bit for the ball to get rolling, but you cannot let that break you. You have to keep maintaining the group like a garden. It's a lot of responsibility and it will take extra time because it's all about coordination and organization. Once you have a few people who are interested in hanging out, tweet a date/time/location and/or update the group news post and have fun with it. And keep going. Interact with other people, search the forums for others, just keep going. Learn from your mistakes (because you will make a couple here and there) and always seek to improve what you do.

Local communities are about socializing, having fun, being silly and making friends. You've taken the first couple of steps toward that. I wish you the best of luck. I am so excited to see what you can create.