We've been kinda quiet here on the site, but I want to change that. Starting this morning, RT Arizona on its is back up! Woot woot! So, what's been going on?

Well, we have a meet-up planned for RoosterTeeth International Community Day (or, #RTICD for short), which will take place on Saturday, April 2nd, at 3:30 pm, and will go for several hours. It will be held at Wazee's World in Peoria (it may sound like a daunting trip, but, trust me, it's all worth it) for laser tag, mini golf, and arcade games (yeah!). At said meet-up, we're going to record a little "thank you" video and "happy birthday" video for RT. Make sure to bring enough money to play in as many games of laser tag/mini golf as you want, and arcade games are pay as you play. If you just want to come hang out, that's totally okay. You're welcome to just chill with us.

Before the meetup, on Friday, April 1st, we are hosting a game night with you awesome community members on consoles. We haven't decided which console(s) to play on yet, but keep updated on our Twitter Page. We are also going to hold a "Game Day" on Sunday, April 3rd, covering a multitude of games and consoles, most likely going the whole day. Details about both of these will come later.

Thank you all for helping us reach over 300 Twitter followers! Like, that's insane!

Keep up to date on everything RoosterTeeth in Arizona by joining this group and by following us on Twitter. We hope to see all of your bright, shiny faces! Till next time!

~RTAZ Admin, Alayn