The very first ShimmySham Gaming shirt!


It's taken us a while but we at ShimmySham Gaming have decided on a final design for our first run of shirts! What better than to represent the city we come from than going big and bold! Everything is bigger in NYC! So why not pick one up and show off your support for your NYC Boys! <3

and yes, we included women's cuts into this!

The campaign will run for 20 days! TWENTY DAYS! That gives you 480 hours to pick up a shirt!

Thank you for all the support and fun times we've had since the start of SSG. It's been a wild ride and I hope we can continue on! <3

EDIT: In the process of changing the time span of the campaign. Didn't realize it reverted when I published but TeeSpring is on it. (surprisingly quick response this time compared to the last time I was dealing with them.)

I also forgot to mention...


you can pick up a sweet sticker with your shirt as well!

Edit #2 : Since shirts have already been purchased, I can't change the time span on the campaign. I will relaunch again on Monday when the first one ends!