Hey guys! As you know, Sidequest is officially on for RTX this year, and I know some of you are familiar with these community events and some of you are not. I was blessed to be asked to host the charity auction event last year and I am SO glad that @Alec captured most of those memories because that night was total blur to me. Sidequest is the perfect way to start convention hype and say farewell until next year. You get to mingle with RTX attendees, community members and Guardians alike and you create lasting memories together.

Tickets are still on sale too! http://rtsidequest.org/tickets I believe there are less than 70 tickets left, so if you are able to snag one, please do so and come hang out with us! As I am a Guardian again, I may not be able to attend each function in its entirety, but I am always thrilled to see you guys. You guys definitely make this convention for me and I love you for it.

Special shout out to @matt @kzuelch @Chris @Miles @RevDrMarquis @Axialmatt @Laurin Thanks for being such good sports during the auction last year <3

Enjoy the teaser, guys! More to come!