I feel like I understand more how Link felt in Majora's Mask every time April 1st rolls around.

Also I just realized that ever since the Truce pact of 06' my brother, mother and I haven't even done anything for April fools day... so that 10 years of no pranks on this day. For good reason too, my family gets REALLY carried away with pranks.

2 of note are

03' I made a few smoke bombs out of ping pong balls and fuses I had lying around to take paint balling with some friends, but it rained all week so instead I used them and the some lighting I had made a month prior, some sulfur bombs and my mp3 player and a speaker I had built to pull a prank with my mom against my brother. After setting a few things up I made it appear that my brother closet was on fire....

lt should be noted that he used his closet as storage for his expense and cool collectables.

Like we are talking at least 10,000$ in goodies...

After I set a delay when he was going to go outside to get the mail or something. I ran back to my room to play games on my PC my mom was in her room "reading" a book and once he came back in she walked into the hall and did a do you smell smoke thing at this point the top 1 foot of my brothers room was just smoke and he started freaking out... one thing lead to another and the fire department was called but every thing worked out fine. Minus that my brother was PISSED and not trusting us for a good 4 months.

05' this is the second to worst one. Little background a few months before this April 1st some family members had passed and my mother had been going into that must protect my children from the world and death, mode that sometimes happens in those times.

So you will probably see where this is heading in a few sentences, but I had just self learning starting a new area of prop/costuming and that area was Makeup FX... yeah.

Any-who It went down like this it was 11:58pm on the March 31 and my brother started making noise, just enough to wake my mom. When she asked what he was doing he said he thought he saw someone go along the side of the house. I "woke up" and when he went to go check his bedroom window I went outside with a flashlight to check for them.

Once I got around to the back of the house where we had a REALLY old shed I had some noise like something broke followed by me saying "Oh Shit" and then calling for my brother. My mom waiting in the living room as my brother came out to the side of the house and yelled for my mom. Meanwhile using my FX skills I had made a fake latex cover on my arm and using tubing and a Ziploc of fake blood I had "cut my wrist" and blood was Pouring out. My brother walked me to the front patio where my mom saw thou the window what she thought to be me bleeding out in the bushes.

My mom freaked and grabbed a phone an just as she was about to finish 911. My brother and I yelled April fools... needless to she was BEYOND PISSED. She then calmly asked my brother to come inside and get a towel so I could clean off. When he came back out with the towel she Closed the door behind him, locked it, turned off the lights and went to bed. We ended up having to sleep out side in the patio.

06' was the worst but we all agreed never to speak of it... and thus the pact was made and has been going for 10 years now.