It's Rooster Teeth's 13th birthday today and I wanted to collect all my thoughts in one post so here goes.

Back in Summer of 2008 my friend while over at my house said "Hey, watch this" and went on Youtube and searched for a video. That video was Red vs. Blue Season 1 Episode 1. I remember I had to pause the video a few times since I was laughing so hard. It took me about a week to catch up/watch all of the current episodes of RvB that were out at the time. At the time I didn't know who/what this Rooster Team was but I knew they made one hell of a (hilarious) machinama series.

Soon after discovering RvB I heard/saw of another RT channel, Achievement Hunter. From the get go of me watching, Geoff and Jack had me hooked on this new idea of AH. From the achievement guides to AHWU, everything AH was a must watch for me. Then came the Let's Plays and everything changed. AH's LP's have always been amazing to watch. Having Michael, Ray, Ryan, and Gavin join in was awesome to see. The commentary along with the gameplay has always been top notch hilarity! watching AH grow to what it is today was awesome to see. Jeremy has filled in nicely in the "Main Room Six".

Along with AH's growth, watching RvB grow to Season 14 has been nothing but pure excitement and enjoyment. RT Animation from the start has always kicked ass while improving immensely. When RT announced Monty Oum's anime series "RWBY", I was intrigued by it. Watching the "Red Trailer, I was hooked. Loved the animation and fighting in it. The White and Black trailers helped grow the hype I had for the series. By the time the Yellow Trailer hit and I watched it, I was sold on the series as a must watch. Seeing RWBY evolve into what it is today at end of Volume 3 has been just pure enjoyment. Monty, thank you for creating such a beautiful world where I get lost in with each Volume. Going from RWBY to shows like X-Ray and Vav was quite the lovely leap. X-Ray and Vav started out as a silly Gavin flub in an achievement guide that blossomed into one hilarious (short) series. With today's announcements of Camp Camp and RWBY Chibi, I am beyond excited for what RT Animation has been (no doubt) working their butts off to make.

I hold RvB and AH close to my heart as they were what opened the door to this Rooster Teeth family. I mean just last year, I attended my first RTX(2015). That was by far my greatest experience of RT. Getting to meet some of the RT staff and have them be the most wonderful bunch I have ever met made the trip unforgettable. I thank every single person I me there! I've been a part of this family for 8 years and am eternally grateful for everyone, staff or community member I've met in person or online since. HAPPY 13TH BIRTHDAY ROOSTER TEETH! Here's to 13 plus more years of hilarious and entertaining content, I less than 3 all of you! ~ Daniel "Wheelz08" Starrett