Its amazing how fast time goes by, like I'm almost finished with my first year in college but it doesn't feel like it. 4 more weeks and I will officially be done until fall. It doesn't feel real. I definitely have a more solid idea of what I want to do though.
When I first entered CCS I wanted to do concept art, but now I think 3D modeling is more my thing, I'm definitely better at it than drawing by hand! I mean I still suck at both right now, but I really enjoy it, and...yeah.

I'm thinking of minoring in creative writing though, the main reason I play video games, and what made me want to major in Entertainment arts a CCS is for the story honestly, the story is probably why I became attached to Kingdom Hearts, the story is surprisingly complex in ways I didn't expect. I think what really made me watch RWBY at first was that it reminded me of Kingdom Hearts in a way. Both have stories that are much deeper than one expects at first glance, and the characters seem real despite the fantasy settings, you can find bits and pieces that you can relate to in the characters and those around you, they feel real. Both seem to like planting little hints of things that won't seem important until later in the story line. When people point out plot holes in both series, sometimes I want to tell them to wait to see what happens next cause according to the track record it could end up being much more than it seems. The both started out pretty happy and not as serious.....and then things slowly got darker, then sharply got darker. I could honestly say a lot more about this....I may have over analysed them..(Can you feel my desperation for KH3?)

(Also I need to stop picking blonde characters as my favorites. seriously, there is Roxas who was literally told he was not supposed to exist, made friends with Axel and Xion, forgot Xion after she dies in front of him, has his memory wiped and is placed in a virtual world only to find it was not real and neither were the friends he made in it, and then forced to essentially give up his sense of self. give this kid a hug please. Annie from Attack on Titian, while she did do some really horrible things, was raised a child solider until about 12(?) then forced to infiltrate enemy lines, betray people she arguably got attached to, and is now trapped in a crystal of her own making after failing to escape. And now there is Yang to join these guys. Between being the one always left behind and abandoned by all the people she cares about and then losing her arm trying to protect someone close to her only to find out they too abandoned her before she woke up....welp, nothing more needs to be said, people have probably already said it. I really need to stop picking blonde characters as my favorites.....So far it seems to be bad news for said characters.....)