Hello, long time no speak. You may have noticed a few weeks ago I made a post about this becoming my fifth year on site and how I was going to stream. Unfortunately due to work I couldn't stream, but I want to give you guys a little update.

A few months ago Lauren and I got ourself our very own little flat. A happy little home, this is the first time I've moved out and had to worry about all the bills and moving. All previous times I've moved into a friends/family and just paid monthly rent. Gotta say being a grown up both sucks but is great. Having a place to call ours, deciding what goes where, looking the fridge and being like "that's my food." I love it, and I love who I get to share it with.

As I knew the move was coming I was picking up a lot of overtime at work and had to put Plot Twist on hold. While it was on hold I did we began brainstorming ideas for future episodes and making a backlog of guests. My main goal is to feature my friends on the episodes, but also to have some interesting guests. Such as developers hosting episodes for their own game. I've been in contact with a few and we have them confirmed to record. Which is amazing. You've seen Martin Sahlin, but we have at least 3 more to come.

As well as this we've come up with an idea for an alternative show for Plot Twist. At the time there was no way for this type of show to appear on Community Hunter, so I messaged Trevor. This when informed me that he was working on reformatting to LPC. Trevor has done some amazing work with contacting people and hunting for talent, and I love the direction the channel is going. So in the future you may be seeing a new show from Dan and myself coming to the channel.. You may also see a new show from me and someone else in a few months also. But that one requires a lot of work, we'll see.

I'm going to say this quickly now, has I have just moved house and have a bunch of bills to pay and stuff, unfortunately I will not be attending RTX this year. Hopefully next year. I'll be helping organise the panel still, as with each year before. I hope you all attend and enjoy it ^_^

Now Spring is coming, so get outside and have a nice day.

- James