wow its been a while since i have done a journal.

so whats been going on.

well 2014 went ok. It was the year Steve and I really started to try for a family. *bow chika wow wow*.

It was a hard time as we went to a fertility clinic and I had 2 rounds of hormone therapy (injections and blood tests) to try improve my chances of falling pregnant. both treatments failed.

then the week before christmas found out that i was pregnant. woo hoo.

so 2015 i spent most of it pregnant. it was a huge life style change. the biggest change was that i ended up losing weight during the pregnancy.

our due date was 26th August 2015. ended up going way over. so instead of a 40week pregnancy i went to 42 weeks.

my doctor organised for me to be induced. so on the 6th September we went to the hospital to start the induction. after initial hospital checking and observations, @ 10pm the induction process was started. i won't go in to the details as to what is done to start induction. anyway 10:30pm my waters broke. some pain started and it was what the midwives explained as 'dilation cramps'. was given some pain relief and ended up sleeping. poor steve slept on a yoga mat in the room with me. i was afraid that things would progress too quick and he wouldn't make it in time.

alas it didn't end up happening. and things didn't progress as well as we hoped.

in the morning the dr came in and he felt its a 50/50 chance of progressing or c-section. after he did an exam it was decided that we are headed to theatre.

so at 2:30pm we headed in to the operating room to recreate the John Hurt scene from Alien.

3:01pm on the 7th September 2015 we welcomed Alice Winifred into the world.

it has been the most amazing 7 1/2 months so far and i love spending everyday with her.