I worked for a majority of Friday. I worked all day yesterday. I'm at work all day today. This is not a complaint. It was actually a really great weekend. Today does seem like it's dragging ass a bit though. Maybe it's due to the weather being absolutely amazing and I'm indoors watching people through the giant glass doors that are the front to the store. It's nice seeing so many people out and about and shedding winter clothing, walking around the city and just taking it all in. The weather is looking promising for this week too which is great. I have a few things planned for Friday and Saturday and having some nice weather will only help better the experience. I still have the FF Podcast Rohwen and I recorded. It requires a lot of video editing elements to bring it to the level I want it at before release, so this may take a little longer than expected but it's all good. Gonna see Jordan, Marcie and possibly Tim at the end of the month, so the hype is real there! :) mmmmm, alright. I think that's everything. Hope you're all having a great weekend. K, bye!