Hey Everyone!

We're heading into round 2 against Rooster Speak coming off a close win over the Midwesterners. After voting, it looks like round 2 will be in Worms! We haven't nailed down a date for this match, but keep your eye's peeled for updates on the RT site, Twitter, and facebook.

If you haven't already, head over to the RT Florida Group Gaming Roster and sign up if you're interested in competing (or to just include your info for future events). Even if you have signed up, be sure to indicate in the green RR column that you're interested in competing.

RT Florida Gaming Roster

Just like the last round, we may have a lot of interest in participating. My thought is that we put together a team that is really solid for the competition and then have other games go at the same time between the rest of us.

Are you a Worms master!? Or are you like Gavin and like jumping off cliffs. Let us know in the comments and in the RR Round 2 forum thread.

One of these ----> <3