If you’ve seen other community groups, which I’m sure you have because they’re everywhere, they are usually run by one or two admins. We’ve been the outlier in terms of number of admins for awhile, which has both its pros and cons. This group was founded on people seeing an opportunity and taking action to make the best of that opportunity. We grew because people took it upon themselves to reach out to others and invite them in and make them feel welcome.

In our last meeting that took place, the admins decided that the role of the admin has changed within the group. We felt that rather than trying to be the ones to organize everything, and that because many people have splintered into factions within the group, we should allow more freedom for everyone. We feel that it is best to reduce that number down to three, whose roles would be purely administrative. In the past, admins were assigned certain positions and the group was run more as a business than a community of friends.

With this reduction we hope to return to more of a community rather than a business. By inviting everyone to take a more active role within the group, we hope to encourage more participation, interaction between members not within your normal friend group, and MOTHER FUCKIN FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY -George Washington wipes a tear from his eye- We want decisions to be made by the people, for the people. A more bottom-up approach rather than a bunch of unelected leaders making decisions for everyone.

What does this mean for the group?

-- Admins: We are moving from 13 admins to 3. They are Brendan (@Sturben), Grace (@pacificspace), and Danny (@Danny_C64).

-- Game nights: Can be spearheaded by anyone. Just let an admin know and they’ll tweet it out the information to the rest of the community.

--For community events such as Rooster Rumble, admins will work the ‘paperwork’ type things, but we’d like members to take a more active leadership role within the group.

-- Podcasts: Can be recorded by anyone. Danny is still interested in editing audio and video. If you want to edit it yourself, that’s fine, but know that Danny is available. All that admins will do is listen to the podcast to make there is no explicit content (i.e. racism, sexism, ableism, transphobia, homophobia, suicide references, etc.) and post it onto the Youtube. Aim for PG-13. If there is explicit content however, the admins reserve the right to not post it, or have Danny re-edit it.

-- Let's Plays: If you have any ideas for Let's Plays or if you record your game nights, feel free to send it in. Either edit it yourself, or send it over to Danny to edit, and an admin will upload it to the Afterstreamers YouTube Channel. Similar to podcasts, explicit content will either need to be toned down or edited out, and no discriminatory stuff. It would be cool to see more content like this so if you have any ideas for Let's Plays, ask one of the admins to promote it on the AS Twitter to get as many people involved as possible or just record it with a group of friends and send it over.

-- Event planning (RTX, PAX, etc): The admins will plan on being the leads on the main Afterstreamers meetups that we’ve done in the past. However, we’d like to open it up for other members to plan things. Last RTX, a lot of people wanted to do a myriad of events like karaoke and go karts, but no one took initiative. If you want it to happen, make it happen. Talk with the admins if you need help. Grace loves event planning. Otherwise, all we will do other than the meetup is to get the word out to the rest of the group if you ask us to.

-- Drama: It happens. We’re a big group and have a lot of people with strong opinions. But the majority of us are adults or are soon to be adults. Most of the time, in the past, when admins got involved it made things worse. From now on if you have an issue, work it out with that person or don’t and move on, it’s up to you. But admins will not be getting involved unless both parties ask.

If you have any questions or need further explanation, feel free to drop us a line, or a deuce. Just not on us pls. [Don’t kinkshame me, Brendan.]

This is not the end of the group, just some changes. We love you all!

Love is a strong word.

[Shut up Brendan.]