We had an event this past Saturday. Don't know what I'm talking about? Our monthly Drunk Gaming. We just finished our third one this past weekend and passed the torch to another unlucky sucker who passed out mid-session. Good job, Chris and Travis. You can see the Google Hangout stream of all our drunk faces here. So, who has a clever name for the next one?

RWBY Volume 1 screenings are this Wednesday. We hope you got your ticket and you have a blast. If you didn't get a ticket, well, we hope you still have a fun afternoon! If you are in the Orlando area, we will be doing karakoe afterwards (don't worry, you don't /have/ to sing. There's also other stuff besides terrible singing). Details can be found in our Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1584978688480767/

Also, I discovered these past two weeks that there seems to be a lack of clarity of how/where we post events and meet ups and such. Because this is an RT-based group, absolutely everything will be covered in the group here. Other accounts like our Facebook group and Twitter are used as you may have seen, but I want to clarify exactly what it is everything is used for.

Rooster Teeth Group: This is used to announce pretty much everything. If it's something related to us, or even RT related, it will be posted here as an update, or in the forums. Since some people are a bit new, we suggest following these forums to keep 100% up to date with everything that happens there:

Twitter: Our Twitter account is used like a basic Twitter account; to announce information (short info), banter with other community groups, and just have general fun posting funny things. Not too much pertinent information is released here, just reiterated from different platforms.

Facebook: This was made as a group so it's a way for members to interact with each other easily because RT won't give us a group chat :( A lot of member to member interaction is posted here, but it's not were we post a lot of our information. If anything we use it for the events page so were can list them all in one place.

There's also Twitch, YouTube, and even Slack. So I just wanted to clear that up and, as usual, look forward to seeing everyone around the web. Don't forget to fill out your information for the next Rooster Rumble in the RT Florida Gaming Roster. Tryouts for Worms will be soon!