Hey everyone. As you may have heard, we'd decided to do our own game of On The Spot at our first RT Florida house party. Don't know what we're talking about? See the details here and come along if you'd like:


Back to On The Spot, we're playing a few games and need input from the best community we know! You guys. So, what games do you want to play if you're going to be there or have us play? You can see the list of games here (http://roosterteeth.wikia.com/wiki/On_The_Spot#Gam...).

But of course, we'll be including Impromptu Pitch regardless, so we'll need your input on a celebrity, place, and movie genre, and your choices may be picked Saturday afternoon. We're expecting to do two "shows" so we'll take as many responses as you can throw at us.

Oh, and did I mention that we will be streaming it live? We'll be utilizing the Facebook live streaming feature so be sure to catch us on our group page here:


We'll be sure to tweet out when we're about to go live. Catch us then! Looking forward to your responses.