I'm reading all these journals about Guardian hype, so I may as well write something too! Yes, Guardian assignments have gone out and I am very happy to see so many people excited to BRING IT for RTX/SGC. As I do with most of my journals, I have a few words.

Guardians. Be proud. Be excited. Be humble. Be welcoming. Be hyped! There are so many emotions that go into Guardianship (at least for me), so being this close to actually doing RTX is nothing short of exciting. Each of you is so important to the success of the convention, so please never forget that. We may have our separate teams, but we are still one unit, one whole team, one crazy family.

I have expressed this before, but I must reiterate again. You are a Guardian not just for the duration of RTX, but also pre-RTX as well. You represent RT and you represent this community. And I am totally tooting our horns by saying being a Guardian is something to be very proud of, and as such, don't forget that you are the face and front line of this convention.

Yes, there are few new things this year, but isn't that the case every year? Each year is bigger and better and with each new factor/situation, we completely adapted, took ownership and royally PWNED every obstacle.

I do this every year to give back to a community I love dearly with all my heart. I do it for friends I currently have and have yet to meet. I do it because it's rewarding to my heart. I do it because of the memories created that will last lifetimes. I do this because I cannot think of any better way to say thank you.

I am ecstatic to help lead the PA team with @LoZelda again. I consider myself very blessed and fortunate, and I will never take that for granted.

Two months and counting. I cannot wait to work with all of you. @SailorTweek @sirNARVY You're stuck with me forever. Hope that's okay. <3