Hey all, hope you had a good weekend. We wrapped up out first house party Saturday and plan to do a few more of these in the future. We even did our own version of On The Spot where someone totally didn't threaten anyone with a knife. And we absolutely didn't capture it all on camera...


With May here, I would just like to let everyone know that we aren't having a meet up planned in Orlando, instead, we are focusing on promoting the North Florida meet up in Jacksonville in a few weeks.

Of course, Mega Con is also at the end of May. Maybe you'll see a few Rooster Teeth fans there from the group, maybe you'll meet new ones. And we would also love to get a group photo of fans who are attending. To find out what day the majority of people will be attending, we'll put up a poll later.

We still need to do our Rooster Rumble match against Rooster Speak and will likely have Will follow up with more information on that shortly. If you have Worms, please consider playing as it looks like we don't have a big turnout for available players.

See everyone around the Internet!

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Much love,