Another, mighty late update. Whoops!

As you might have heard, we didn't do that well in the recent Rooster Rumble match against Rooster Speak, I have a feeling my utter lack of capability in Worms might have cost us the game. Eek! Regardless, we are still in the game, just the lesser, losers bracket. We will be facing off against RT Georgia with updates on this to come shortly.

Don't forget about the North RT Florida meet up later this month on May 21st. If you need someone to carpool with, especially if you're not in North Florida, check out ourcarpool roster here and add your name to the list. For more information on the meet up, see our event here:

We are also having a Universal meet up in June for those who have annual passes or are considering buying tickets. It'll be a fun day of people running around wearing RT merch and shouting "Team Cap/Team Iron Man" or "Expecto Patronum." I honestly have no idea what's going to happen, but you can see the event here:

Also, how would you guys feel about a field day meet up one day before RTX? Maybe in Early June? I know, I know, outside activities. But these can be fun too! Let us know what games you would like to play and we'll plan this later.

Speaking of planning. Mega Con is coming up! Yup, and we want to do a little get together one day (or multiple), even if it's just to get a picture. We'll have a solid plan set for this at least a week before in which I will be setting something for Friday the 27th (since that's the day I'll be there). If you're going to be there another day, we encourage you PLEASE plan something for those other days as this is your environment. This is where we all belong! Let us know if you plan something and we will spam it on our Twitter to let everyone know. Oh! And a few of our neighbors down south from the RWBY Cosplayers of South East Florida will be joining us too. They're awesome!

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