We are now over a month and a half from the channel launch, or name change? rebrand? What do I call this? Anyway I just wanted to say I love all the new type of content being submitted. It may sound like I'm just saying this, but I do watch every video that is uploaded (with the exception of highlight/best of videos, but I'll go into that later).

My favourite new shows the channel is the Hands On and Speed Art series. As someone who studied art, I love seeing other peoples creation process. Whether it's how they draw, plan or construct what they are making, I find it fascinating. As well as this, I love that artists now have another platform to show off their work. There is a lot of talent in this community and I love seeing those get the attention they deserve. With this being said if you are an artist, please submit your creations and drawings to the channel. If you worry about recording and video editing, I'm not an expert but I will happily help out, either message me on here or send me a message on twitter.

Now I know I said these two shows are my favourite, but my favourite video so far has to be the Live Action Fake AH Crew by Beta Cats. It shows just how creative you can be with your content, that the limitations that once existed on the channel are no longer there. (Yes there are still rules but they are there for good reason). I encourage everything new and different that is coming.

Previously I mentioned I don't watch the highlight style videos, the only reason for this is because I don't really watch Let's Play anymore. Not because I don't enjoy the content, because there is the odd time I'll watch a video and I will enjoy it. Despite this I appreciate people going through and picking out the best bits. It makes it so much easier for other people with little time be able to catch up on the best moments of the week.

Also love animation and seeing different people's styles, seeing how they interrupt a pre-existing moment in a video and make it something different. My favourite part of Game Grumps is actually GG animated.

I guess what I'm saying, I'm glad with the success of the change. If you think about making a video, just do it. The worst thing that can happen is a bad comment, but you know what you do with that improve upon in. This is the first video I ever made, it was never uploaded, but you can see how bad my audio, editing, video, confidence, ect, was. But as I continued making stuff I improved and so did the feedback I received. Like I said before, I'm happy to help anyone and there are plenty of people in the group who will also.

I look forward to seeing what you all make :)

- James