*Gasp* This is one came out on time. Well, now I'm just setting unreasonably sound goals for myself. But did you hear the news? Sergio, Emily, Chris, and myself kicked butt against RT Georgia (sorry guys, butt someone had to go down) in round 3 of the Rooster Rumble tournament! So we're moving onto the next round, facing off against RT Ontario in on of our favorite games, Rocket league, and the smack talk has already begun! You can thank Chris who runs our Twitter account for that.

As there are more games in the losers bracket, we only have a week to get this match completed. That being said, if you are interested in competing, please fill out your availability on the group gaming roster below. Keep your eyes on the social media accounts for updates!


Butt, we also have a meet up this weekend! (Okay, I'm done. Sorry!) The first North Florida meet up is 6 days away at Dave & Busters in Jacksonville this Saturday at 5 pm! See more details on the Facebook event here. The plan is to start meeting up at 5 and start with unlimited game play at 6 o play games, eat food, drink some bevs, and enjoy hanging out with our fellow RT fans. As there are people interested in going from 2-4 hours away, a carpool spreadsheet has been created to make the process easier. If there is someone with room in their car, try getting a hold of them or adding yourself to the list below. If you have trouble finding a ride, contact or for help. Can't wait to see all of you there and win loads of pencil erasers!


We're pretty short on news this week. If you hadn't noticed, we aren't doing too much in May due to the fact that school and semesters are ending. Plus with RTX coming up, a lot of people are going to be trying to save money, so June might be a bit lackluster as well, just a heads up. That being said, if anyone has ideas of free meet up or event ideas, let us know and we'll try to make it happen. Or, drop me a line and I'll help you plan and run your own event. If no one can think of anything free, we'll likely stick to online game sessions like usual.

Mmh, that's all really. You guys are awesome, and I mean that from the bottom of my soulless heart!

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<3s for all!


P.S., catch me streaming on our Twitch channel proper for the first time this Wednesday afternoon. See you in the chat!