(No spoilers for anything RvB14 beyond the trailer for the season.)

Why is VIC narrating RvB14′s anthology?

Sure, it might just be convenience or because it’s funny, but humor me for a bit and assume along with me that it serves a story purpose, because I think that has potential.

Specifically, who might VIC be talking to, if not (merely) the audience on the other side of the fourth wall?

I think we can assume a few things about this hypothetical party: that they have the resources available to find and go to Blood Gulch, that they’re interested in the data VIC has stored (why else would they listen to his rambling, geez), and that they know about as much about RvB as the audience does.

In short, this is probably someone looking for info on Project Freelancer’s activities (probably someone who doesn’t already have access to a storage facility), and whose prior knowledge of the “Red vs. Blueniverse” comes mostly from the files Epsilon released as part of his final transmission in RvB13 (or direct experience thereof).

A few options come immediately to mind:

  • A UNSC party looking for additional data in the case against Chairman Hargrove or the posthumous case against Director Church,
  • Employees of Charon Industries still out looking for anything related to PFL,
  • Sister (assuming she’s still in the canyon and really bored),
  • and Locus.

Notably, everyone except Sister here would likely be much more interested in the data than they would be in preserving VIC, meaning that they might just get to work dismantling him and transferring the files they want instead of listening to him talk…

So what if this is a situation kind of like One Thousand and One Nights (an anthology with the framing device of a newlywed woman keeping her pretty-awful husband, the king, from executing her–just because he’s awful–by beginning a new story each night and finishing it the following night, until the point where he finally realizes he’s been awful and decides not to have her killed)?

What if VIC has to keep them listening, under the pretense that there are encrypted stories they’ll only get via his narration? And he has to keep talking, and telling good enough stories, so that they don’t decide to just rip out his hard drives and move on?

It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to say that VIC, a VI in charge of monitoring Alpha, might have the ability to gather and store a wide variety of Red-vs.-Blueniverse intel from a number of sources, just in case various sim-soldier scenarios took Alpha out of the canyon. So it could be that in this in-universe situation, these stories are still true and not just fabrications.

And maybe VIC only needs to stall long enough for Sister to enact a plan that involves killing or scaring away the in-universe audience.

But for now he waits, grandstands, drags things out as much as he can…

“Space. It’s like, really, really, really big, dude…”