Today was officially my last day of junior year. When I walk through the front doors of my high school In just over two months I will be a senior, getting ready for the college admission process and the decisions and adult life that follows it. I therefore welcome this two month respite with open arms. I am taking online health and online phys ed in order to graduate, but otherwise I will have a lot of free time, and I will therefore be able to post on here more and read more. The past few months of school have been very stressful, and I am very happy that I can live for just a little bit without said stress.

Over the summer, I also plan to write a bit more. As an assignment in my American Lit class this year, we had to write a story using the elements of realism (which is the literary movement that includes Mark Twain). I ended up writing a story that in two pages managed to make my teacher, and two of the three other people who read it, cry. I have never before written something that had that emotional impact before, and I now have the desire to write more short stories so that I can have emotional impacts on more people. I am considering sending the story that made people cry to a zine or something, as my teacher and several other people I have spoken to about it have said that it was well-written.

This summer is an end to my stress and a new beginning of creativity and freedom and the anticipation of being done with high school forever in less than a year. I can't wait to see what this beginning holds.

Best Wishes,