I've been a fan of RT since my brother introduced me to it 11 years ago when I was 7 at first I didn't get a lot of the RvB comedy but then there was caboose and angry sarcastic voices and idiocy of Church and Sarge. I watched all the seasons as they came out but didn't delve further into RT until about 6-7 years ago when I started to become more interested in YouTube. I started watching their shorts and I started to get more and more of their jokes as I learned about the birds and bees. Then I made an RT account on the website and soon after became a sponsor with the appearance of this weird new show, you may have heard of it 'RWBY' saw the Red Trailer freshman year of high school and as my friend Mike can tell you he could not get me to stop talking about it. The show came out and RTX 2013 passed and I was psyched I was prepping for my first ever cons(Gencon 2013 and a couple small comic conventions where I was in my first cosplay Ash Ketchum from Pokemon) then I convinced my father(who I was not separated from yet) to take me to RTX 2014 and I prepped some bought pieces and some custom made pieces to cosplay as Yang Xiao Long the character of my heroine Barbara Dunkelman that always kept me happy when I was feeling down. I went to RTX and my first impressions were that of amazement! I went to the RWBY panel and stood in line by myself but a couple other cosplayers in the line invited me to hang with them. We talked for a long time and then we were joined by a bunch of other cosplayers to take a picture in the waiting room then we made it into the ballroom and the sheer amount of fans made me feel small but welcomed. Then a bunch of Yangs started to jog around the aisles in a Yang Train and they pulled me in and I pulled a couple others, at this point I was crying because of how welcome and loved I felt more than I had in a long time. Then all of the cosplays got up to the front and took a picture where I felt so cool for once in my life, for the thing I used to bullied for I was complimented on and met someone my heroes(including Barb which practically made my heart explode) The rest of RTX passed(I met Monty which in retrospect is extremely humbling because he is an inspiration for my animation and game design) and I met more friends and then came the fall where I once again went to Gencon and then in a split second decision got to go to Fan Expo in Toronto and holy shit was I ecstatic. I met Meg and got to hang out with Barb and Lindsay at a bar/tavern thingy and at the expo I hugged Barb and I'm not sure if she saw it but I was legitimately crying because she had unknowingly done so much for me. During the next coming months I met some of my best friends when I joined The Angels and later Nerd Nest whom I would hang out with at RTX 2015. When RTX 2015 came I was ecstatic and the time I spent there was amazing as I wore my second ever personally created cosplay of Nora with a working(until it met the TSA) nerf gun as Magnihild. But last year I noticed something different, the people seemed less welcoming(and less willing to converse when I tried to talk to them) they were partially new comers but everyone stuck to their own groups that came which left me personally without company much of the time. Then a few more cons went by and I found out I was going to become a Guardian this year for RTX! I am ecstatic for the chance to help the company that has helped me through the years I only hope that the community that attends becomes more welcoming and at least somewhat willing to socialize. Now we are here at the present I'm a massive fan watching almost every livestream and almost every show as I continue to work on my community project for the RWBY Fire Emblem-sequel RPG game. I just hope that as a fan I may one day be able to have a bigger impact on this amazing community. I know this is long and it's entirely possible no one may read this but I just kinda wanted to make my own RT timeline of sorts. Thanks for reading if you did