Well, school's out for summer, so I'm getting ready to get to work on some more stuff.

1. I've got an OC group with a character that was first meant to be a way to bring Pyrrha back with science and (Ty Lopez's favorite word, apparently) knowledge. But, now it's evolved into something a bit more generic, yet I'm not letting either take precedence just yet.

2. In trying to create a new arm for Yang, I think I may have stumbled upon a special prosthetic for amputees who may consider taking up highly-strenuous jobs (bodybuilding/power lifting, Special Forces operatives, first responders, etc).

3. I'm still juggling all of this in my head with OCs for other stories, including Resident Evil: Feral Phantoms, a Star Wars self-trained Kung Fu Ninja Jedi, among other things.

Clearly I have a lot on my plate. Well, best I get to it.