If you've read any of my posts here talking about Pyrrha's death, it's either been about ways to bring her back or about how distasteful it was, and a lot of people have kind of wondered why. Well, to put it simply, I knew a girl who epitomized Pyrrha's characteristics. I spent 3 years of my life in High School to win over this girl, who was an entire grade ahead of me (and just graduated, by the way), and I messed it up. Smart, beautiful, social, athletic, a little pale with green eyes... remind you of anyone? Well, in the end I messed it up, and she doesn't want anything to do with me anymore. Then, after that failed, I saw RWBY for the very first time, and fell in love with the show.

I think by now you can tell where I'm going with this. At first, I was only disappointed that they had killed off a character with such incredible potential, one who logically had a shot at surviving (even if it was slim) beyond Volume 3- smart, strategic, skilled, powerful, badass, so on and so forth. But, when I first watched the finale, I just left the video as soon as I saw the disintegration and went on with my life. It was only when I started drawing comparisons and watching up to and past that segment again that I really concluded how much of a failure it was. Simply put, the crew who set up the story already knew she was going to be a plot device, but they built her as a character from the start, and when they killed her off, you can tell that she's being killed off like a plot device. Why else would it be such a slap in the face? Not only that, but to give a main character such a painful sendoff, leaving them suffering before proceeding with even more overkill, is just wrong. If Rooster Teeth wanted to wait a little longer or killed her off in a more respectful way, it wouldn't be as impactful, but it would leave less of a lingering sour aftertaste. For me, the aftertaste of the finale is best described as a mixture of ghost peppers and moldy, decaying limes. Yeah, that bad.