I recently got back from an incredible road trip of USA's southwest area (Denver, Utah, Four Corners, Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Vegas, Salt Lake City, and Yellowstone). I saw tons, and the interstate highway system of the southwest tried its best to kill me, but I made it home alive and for that I am glad. Stuff happened while I was gone and I have to respond!

BTW, I commented on those two previously mentioned journals, if you care to read. (I am a windbag, so I won't repost it here.) Besides, some of you already replied and totally reaffirmed my beliefs!

The main takeaway I did gain from them is that we should not feel entitled to a working website. It's a weird thing to realize, but I believe it to be true after mulling it over. We do have the right to complain about the site though. Before I posted my long journal, I had another one written that I scrapped completely. It included this awesome quote that I thought fit perfectly:

"I love my family, even as I critique their dysfunctionalities." -bell hooks

The other takeaway which I didn't address at all in my earlier journal was that we have to pull our own weight when it comes to the community! We definitely have a symbiotic relationship with the site. As the site improves, this will get easier for us. I'm not as worried about this anymore.

In my journal I asked people to give me hope and instead I found it where I least expected it. I thought people would provide examples on the site that were alive and well, and some did (which was great to see!) but the bigger surprise was the community's discussion around the topic as a whole. Thanks to @Newbs' tweet and my journal reaching the most modded page, the discussion (from what I saw) really grew and was beautiful to see! So many of us are still here, and so many of us still care. Never forget that.

So it was wonderful news to hear when I sat down to watch burnie's sponsor vlog from my hotel in Las Vegas, that there are site updates in the pipeline and new hires related to it. Exciting! Who knows if our voices were heard (hope so) or if it was just coincidence, but who cares! I am relieved, and full of hope.

And maybe in another 6 months, if nothing seems to have changed, I'll pull out the soapbox and megaphone once again.

Hopefully it doesn't come to that.