ugggghhh, I haven't logged in here so long...I'm sorry, I feel like a jerk. I think I probably talk to a lot of you folks over at FB? If you're there, find me! But I will be better about stopping in here, I promise.

So, Jeff Williams' Freelance Orchestra is playing a concert during RTX! We are playing on Saturday July 2 at ACL Live at Moody Theater. This venue is positively beautiful and every single seat in there is a great seat. The furthest seat from the stage is 75 feet away! It holds 2,700 people, and there is general admission on the Floor (rock out!), and seats in the Mezzanine and Balcony. Tickets range from $25-35.

Of course my long-time musical partners Casey Lee Williams and Lamar Hall will be there (as well as Alex Abraham, composer for RWBY). The rest of the band is absolutely KILLER. Everyone playing is a virtuoso....I'm not sure how I got lucky enough to bring all these people together BUT I DID!! :)

Opening the show and performing with us is Videri String Quartet-if you can remember all the way back to RTX 2012, they played with us then. VSQ specializes in game and anime music....and they have a release of RWBY covers coming out and available at RTX at their booth.

Also during RTX, Casey and I will have our panel on Friday at 5:00 and our signing Sunday 1:30.

Huge thanks to Rooster Teeth and RTX2016 for helping us make this concert happen! We REALLY REALLY look forward to seeing everyone there. This show is going to kick ass.