Well here is your chance to speak up.

There have been many complaints about the RT Site, there are people worried that the community is dying out because of it but here is our chance to speak up about what we feel isn't working and what we would like to see to help this site become a happy thriving environment.

@MikeQuinn has posted a journal which you can read here explaining his position and what he will be doing to help our community. There is also another link in the journal to where all comments should be left to help keep things organized. Please read through it all thoroughly. Remember, if we want change we need to provide constructive criticism. Try to be specific with your comments when addressing an issue that you have with something on the site, also it would be good to read through some of the comments too.

I know it's been a struggle the past year with the site switch, but it's not as nightmarish as it was when it happened initially. I know some people may have given up on hope that things will change but there are still a good chunk of us on here that want it to happen. So if you want this, go and comment. Keep in mind this won't be an overnight thing, this will take time, but we've made it through a year. What's another few months, right?

Stay awesome, have a beautiful rest of the week, AND GET HYPED CAUSE RTX IS ALMOST UPON US! <3