What do you guys think of the changes to the sponsorship? If you don't know what they are I'll list them below.

-The 6 month price is changing from 15.99 to 19.99

-Since people thought the term "sponsorship" was confusing they are now changing it to "First"

-There is going to be a new tier called "First double gold membership"

-This new tier is going to cost 34.99 a month or 179.99 every month

-The new tier includes all bonuses from the regular one and a monthly merchandise box that's worth 60+, exclusive contest and giveaways, 10% discount for the store, and early excess to vip ticket.

-The new tier starts July first. You can only get the first merchandise box at rtx. (You can sign up at rtx) But it starts officially for everyone August first.

●My opinions: I'm ok with the price change on the 6 month payment. I'm also ok with the name change. I'm not so fond of the new tier. The main reason the new tier is expensive is because of the merchandise box. I wish they had a separate subscription for the merchandise box. I'm interested in the new tier but I don't want the merchandise as I already have a lot and I don't want doubles of merchandise. So if they had separated the merchandise box and the new tier that would be best in my opinion.