Okay, so I was going to make one journal post for each day, but before I knew it, all three days had past. So much awesome stuff happened, so I'll just go over my favorite things.

1. The Website Panel. For those of you who were on the site before the big switch to the new site last summer, you know things haven't been perfect. After having seen the team at the RT Website Feedback Workshop Panel, I saw for myself that people in charge are aware and working on stuff. Most excitedly for me, karma was definitely said to be coming back in the future.

2. Meeting RT Personalities. Getting to see the people that we all watch on our computer screens was slightly surreal. At the first panel I went to, for Camp Camp, Miles walked on stage, and I did a double take. "Holy shit, that's Miles, in the flesh" The same went for all the others I was fortunate enough to meet in person, like Chris, Zach, Adam Ellis, Lee Eddy, and others whose names will hopefully become more well known in the community soon.

3. The People. They were flipping great, and that's seriously an understatement.

There's a lot more I wanted to say, but I'm super tired after walking around all day, and it was great.

Farewell RTX 2016, parting is such sweet sorrow.