I guess this will be my first "journal" like entry on the site.

Basically I wanted to recap what happened during my AX trip this year and share my thoughts and open up to the RT community more.

I had a great experience this year, I honestly think this year was my favoirte so far. I have been going to AX since 2014 and before this year I can summarize it in one phrase: waiting in line and buying things.

Now that doesn't carry a negative connotation when I say it, its just that the last two times I was so gung ho about going to panels and since the con is so huge, jsut to see those panels takes up a good chunk of the day. but thanks to it I was able to briefly see and talk to Goku (Sean Schimel) and see the Little Witch Academia Ep 2 premiere, which by the way was amazing and so worth it to see because I love studying and learning about new animation projects.

Anyway but this year because one I worked basically 16 hours straight the day before the weekend started in my lab, I was tired to point of hallucinations haha. Don;t worry I got plenty of sleep this weekend and relaxed at AX. Though seriously I think Ashley Jenkins has the right idea keeping a bed at work, It would be so helpful having that between experiments I run. Speaking of which loved the RT podcast with the Evo Biologist, I do gene sequencing myself so I always dream of working on a gene sequencing project for determining evolutionary lines.

Anyway my goodness tangent after tangent... because I was so tired this week. I decided with my friends to just go to AX on Sunday and not plan to particularly wait for any panel, just walk around and see whats in the exhibit hall and artist's alley and maybe go to some less busy panels we like.

Was not expecting to see such amazing people out on the floor. Martin aka Little Kuriboh who does the Yugioh Abridged series, who was just a lovely person to talk with, and Lanipator and Takahata 101 of Team Four Star who do DBZ abridged. Not to mention Aisha, the Yellow Power Ranger was there and walking through were Noble Senpai, Misty Cronexia, Akidearest, and the Anime Man; all amazing anime youtubers that I watch on a regular basis. My mind was just blown. I always figured because I never went to Anime Expo in it's "younger" years that I would never be able to experience the direct interaction between content creators and fans since now there are just so many awesome people who loves these things that creators and talent just can't spend as much time as they want with every fan, which I already made my piece with because I am empathetic to their feelings.

It;s kinda like how Michael Jones put it in the OFF Topic Podcast last week, there are jsut so many people that one to one conversations just aren't always likely to happen and they feel bad and don't want to give a fan a bad experience.

I have never really met or interacted with the people I am fans with and to be honest I get too shy and it takes every once of my strength just to come up to someone like them and say hi. When I say Aisha the yellow ranger I was scared at first and just went up and told her how much I could believe that I was seeing her here and briefly talked about the power rangers movie she did. She was super nice and I walked away happy.

When I saw Little Kuriboh and Team Four Star had set up booths together, I almost lost it, I was squealing in my mind so loud I was about to faint. I went to Little Kuriboh first, I actually had a lovely conversation with Martin about the latest episode. He was so firendly and he just loved having conversations with fans. We actually had a really nice talk getting to know eachother. I opened up to him and told him about how when I lost my mom back in college and just whenever I went through horribly depressive times in my life, how his style of comedy and Team Four Stars where what I relied on to cheer me up. Plus, it's Yugioh abridged and DBZ abridged along with others that I listen to at work when my research stresses me out. I started to tear up a little finally getting to tell Little Kuriboh about my appreciation for the show and he was so nice to me and i took a great photo with him. For a split second I just felt so elated and felt like i finally got the con experience I always dreamed about. I know getting a one on one conversation won't always happen when I go to conventions, but it was a great experience nonetheless. I then was so exhausted, mostly because I was so shy trying to talk to Little Kuriboh, and talking about my mom's death always leaves me temporarily a little dead inside.

I went over to the Team Four Star booth after and becasue they were so busy with selling and autographing tshirts, I was reluctant to go up because I was afraid I might take time away from other fans, I know I just get too self conscious about these things. It wasn't until my friend pushed me forward up them that I went to say hi, seriously thank Kaveh for doing that. Anyway I got to talk to Lani for bit and he found me two shirts that were in my size and I loved that I got to talk to Takahata about the song he did for Perfect cell. If you haven't heard it is the beautiful song. I listen to it all the time as a work playlist. Takahata and Lani were so friendly and they sign some shirts I got and I was again so happy.

I guess the reason I am ultimately writing about this is that I finally felt like I experienced this Anime convention as "a part of the anime community". It sounds silly but this year really felt like I went because I wanted to be a part of the community and not just go because there was cool stuff to buy. Maybe because it was no longer my first time here we took a more relaxed approach to it so I could just take it all in more. Before I just felt like running from panel line to panel line in search of something to do instead of just being at the convention. There is no one right way to experience a convention, so there wasnt anything wrong with my previous experiences at Anime Expo it's just that I felt more at home, which I wasn't expecting since it is such a large convention.

More to the point, I really want to go to RTX next year. Again I wish I could have gone to the first one and visit each year because I yearn for this sense of community that exists within fandom. I guess that's why I want to start posting journals on RT. I love the RT community, it has always seemed so nice and friendly and open. I feel like it's something that isn't grandiose that feel line a small fish in a sea. Not to say it isn't large, it's just that it seems less intimidating to get into. I want to try and make more interactions here. Even if no one reads this post, I just want to start putting myself out here more because I want to interact with more people, maybe this will also help with my shyness too. Hopefully in the next year, I make more friends here on Roosterteeth, so that when I go to RTX, I won't feel like a small fish not sure where to swim. I am also glad I have one of my close friends that will maybe go with me too. But it was something that I think Jack Patillo said about RTX that really got to me that made me want to go, when he said that when you go to RTX try to make new friends because you are in a place where everyone here likes at least one thing I do. Making new friends and being a part of the RT community would bring me absolute joy. So thanks to my amazing time at Anime Expo this year and some great words from last weeks Off Topic podcast from Michael, Jack, Lindsay, and Jeremy, I really plan on going to RTX 2017 and will try to interact with the RT community more. Also PS I will make sure my camera is always ready before I go up to someone I want to take a picture with, of course I will need to work on first getting more courage to go up to someone of RT that I want to talk to but, you know it's progress.

If anyone reads this and would maybe wanna talk hit me up, because it would be a pleasure to meet you.