My second RTX is in the books. Since coming home from RTX last year, I'd been looking forward to going back to Austin and experiencing it all again. This past weekend was by far, the most unforgettable 5 days of my life! My RTX 2016 experience started on Wednesday afternoon/evening right after checking into my hotel. I was chilling in the lobby., when Barbara walks in, see's me and says "Hi Daniel!" It's been said before, but Barbara really is one of the kindest, wonderful human beings I've met, which seems be the case with all RT staff. It was so nice to catch up/talk for a bit before RTX started. That really set the (awesome) tone for how the weekend would go.

Thursday, the day before RTX2016 officially started. I had designated this day to get my bearings of Austin again. I visited the convention center, well outside of it at least. Then went back to the hotel when I was done. Once back I bumped into Walker (Day 5's Sam) and a fellow community member, Arnold AKA Murder of Birds. It was really awesome getting to chat with them both. They're both After chatting for a bit, it was time to pick up my badge. Went up, got my badge then came back to the lobby where I bumped into Jesse (Day 5's Jake). Just like Walker, Jesse was incredibly and it was awesome chatting with him. I then met Bruce Greene from Funhaus and the awesome head guardian pair, GeekyFriedRice (Jackie) and Lozelda (Jenn). All amazing to meet and talk to. I also met RitzPlays, & Lawrence, Elyse, James and Dan from Funhaus, again all were amazing. Then came the first big event of the weekend, the RTSidequest Charity Auction.

This Charity Auction was something I'd been looking forward to and man was it an amazing time. Getting to meet Daniel (Allman) and Amber along with a few other RTSidequest folk was really awesome. They are all amazing people working for an awesome cause. While there I saw & met some more awesome people. I hung out with Thom (Greencastellan) & a couple other community members. Also saw/talked to Chelsea (Awesome RT campaign/sponsor manager), Stan Lewis, Josh O., Mica, Arryn Zech, Marcus (badass designer at RT), Caleb, and Matt Hullum. AND at the end of the night, I even won a signed RWBY Grimm Eclipse script brought in from the RT Games guys.

Day 1 of RTX 2016. Day 1 started off by being in the audience of Barbara and Gus' kick off interview, which I may or may not have been (camera guy panned through audience where I was) a part of! After that I immediately went to my first panel, RWBY. What I saw at that panel gave me chills and excited me for all things RWBY. the team has really stepped up on Volume 4 and it shows. I can not wait to see the full volume. After the RWBY panel I went to the Ladies of RT Animation panel and got to learn a little bit more of the awesome ladies who work on some of my favorite shows. It was great hearing them talk about what it's like working at RT and that working there is amazing! After the panel I got to meet and talk with Melanie, who animates for shows like RWBY Chibi and RWBY Vol. 3. It was really great finally meeting her! After getting back to the hotel I bumped into Adam Baird, Jen Brown, Max Bernard, Davi Jay And Stephanie D. (Day 5's Ellis and Ally). Again all were super nice and awesome to chat to. I also saw Gray and told him how much I loved the RWBY panel. We talked for a bit about RWBY before I went to my room for the night.

Day 2 of RTX 2016. Day 2 Started off with my signing session with Arryn and Barbara. The session started with the room erupting into "Happy Birthday" (song) [to Barbara, it was her birthday] when Barbara and Arryn arrived. It was wonderful getting to chat some more with them. It was nice to finally meet Arryn this year, very kind and just all around wonderful. Again, two wonderful people and it's always a pleasure talking with them. I said my goodbyes and said Happy Birthday to Barbara one more time. After my signing, I bumped into Aaron and Lynn Marquis, Yssa B., David Levy, and Andy from RT Games. Then came a huge highlight of the weekend, the Jeff Williams concert. Getting to watch and listen to Casey and Jeff play live is just perfect. Listening to Songs like "I Burn" "I May Fall" "Cold" and a bunch more was chilling and adrenaline pumping awesome! Singing along to my favorite songs being performed live was amazing. I can't thank Casey, Jeff and everyone on that stage enough for an amazing concert!

Day 3 of RTX. Day 3 started off with the RT Podcast Panel. I laughed and I gagged. All in all an amazing Podcast! I even met Jon Risinger right before the panel started. After the RT Podcast I decided to go and check out Barbara's Yang group photo. a few minutes after arriving to the spot (I was 30 minutes early) we were notified that the photo op would also be a signing session. I decided to get in line because I wanted to thank Barbara (in person) for her work on RTX and didn't know if I'd see her again. When she saw me in line, she waved and smiled, which I waved and smiled back. When it got to be my turn, she joked about how I should see other awesome people (we had seen each other four days in a row at this point). I got to say my thanks and I even got my badge signed and a couple photos (RT Site profile pic is from that). After the impromptu signing I headed to my last Panel of RTX, The RT Community Reacts Panel (MurderofBirds, Bellison, Niriall, Megan "Themeguin" Salinas and Katie "Kiaxet" Cullen which was a lot of fun. Was great seeing what they put into their videos and them talking bout their craft. After the panel I bumped into Craig "RealLadderMan", Chris Demarais, Zach Anner, Adam Kovic, Gray and Kerry and the wonderful Mary "SailorTweek". It was so incredible meeting and speaking with each and every one of them!

To me, that was a perfect end to a memorable RTX experience. I seriously can not thank Adam, Emily, Alex, Rachel, Bethany, Gus, Barbara, Megan and Nadia AKA The kickass RTX Event team, enough for creating such a fantastic and well run convention. I also can not thank Jackie (GeekyFriedRice), Jenn (Lozelda), Mary (SailorTweek), Chris (Sirnarvy) and the other 550 or so kickass RTX 2016 guardians who helped make RTX run smoothly this year! From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU EVERYONE! To those I met, hope to see you all for RTX 2017! <3 Daniel "Wheelz08" Starrett