So this week was lose lose then win win kinda of week.

Basically I was gearing up to setup an extraction of RNA from fresh tumor samples onto a robot that we use for automation.... Guess I should give some context, I work in a research lab and some of my best moments at work involve using cube shaped robots that take care of the bulk of the work and I love them fore that so I can focus on other things. Anyway it just so happens that this week the robot "decided" to crash leading to the possibility of losing the ability to get RNA from these samples. I was absolutely peeved out my mind because I was not able to recover the extraction using the robot. I have worked with robotics platforms before and usually there is a way to access the logs and backtrack where the problem occurred, however on this particular robot, everything was password protected and shrouded in secrecy and since I am have no time to figure out how to crack 128-bit encryption at this time I felt I lost this cause. But then I figured, OK I have a "relatively" working understanding of science, surely I can figure out something to keep the extraction going, so I started pulling out every and buffer solution I had from other kits to see if I could do this myself. So i made a lot of "educated" assumptions based on other extraction protocols to come up with the best alternative and finish the extraction manually.

You see nucleic acids like DNA and RNA can be extracted using the process of precipitation. All you really need is a detergent to break open and lyse the cells and then a solution to precipitate the nucleic acid and then wash it to purify it. There is actually a straight forward way to extract DNA from strawberry seeds if anyone wants to try it:

1. Place 5 star berries in a zip lock bag and completely mash them as much as you can without tearing the bag.

2. Then fill the bag with about and equal volume of dish soap as the volume of mushed strawberries. The dish soap helps to break up the cells which are the seeds of the strawberries (since fruits are mature ovaries of flowers and because strawberries are aggregates they have a lot of seeds to work with)

3. At this point take that slurry of soap and strawberries and place it on a coffee filter op top of a cup. The "lysate" or slurry of broke up cells containing DNA will be filtered allowing most of the DNA to be in the cup and the rest of the debris to be removed.

4. Then add rubbing alcohol, 91% or better so that it is an equal volume to the filtered liquid in the cup. You should now start to see the DNA precipitate between the two layers (top layer is alcohol, bottom layer is filtered liquid) You will see stringy like molecules, that is your strawberry DNA. Simply take a fork or a Popsicle stick with some notches and you can twirl the DNA out of there.

5. You can take the DNA out and then potentially wash it with more alcohol using a coffee filter again.

Anyway I explain this because basically my RNA samples were stuck at the "lysate" step and I had no way to clean my RNA so I could finish the extraction, that's where the robot stopped. So we decided to use the closest buffer we had that was used for a similar type of reaction and then tried it with this extraction. And we had a bittersweet successful recovery of samples. I say bittersweet because although I had RNA, it wasn't the cleanest thing in the world since I didn't use the proprietary buffers, but you know what it got the job done. I thought it wasn't gonna be possible to recover it in a meaningful way but I did it anyway and it was a success. One of the first things that came up in my head was when Gus said he would go to Mars, "out of spite mother fucker".

I felt that exact way when the company who made the robot said I couldn't recover the sample. I did it for the right reasons, but as an after thought it really was "out of spite mother fucker!" -GUS SOROLA.

Anyway part two... haha I felt so good after sorting that out that I decided to jump onto to Hearthstone after so long to relax.

I returned to the game fresh into the Old gods meta. After opening a new pack of cards, I got this strange card called Yogg-Sarron, If you are playing this current meta you may know exactly what card I am talking about. So I normally play "face hunter" I know that seems to be a long ago strategy in the current meta, seems like it got a bad rap for sounding like an easy route for playing in Hearthstone. I originally got into it accidentally because I just loved summoning all the cool beast cards back in the old days, it jsut so happens that it gives me plenty of opportunities to attack face. Anyway so I use a lot of spells anyway so I decided to add Yogg to my deck because it has an effect to "cast a random spell for each spell i have played this game" so I play a couple rounds and I finally make it to rank 24. I usually am a perpetual angry chicken during the seasons. It helps now that we do not lose ranks until 20. So I am slowly making my way up to Rank 21 but I have yet to draw Yogg and play it. I was beginning to think I never added it to my deck. So on the last game I played before I reached Rank 20, I finally got to play Yogg. Now mind you this was after playing 16 spells. Yes you heard me right 16 spells because the opponent gave me some spells, well bananas because of Mukla. anyway so I have four hounds on the board and they have one Fog Creeper with taunt, they have 20 blood and I have 14 blood. I drop Yogg and the ensuing chaos that took place was astounding.

Oh my god first all my house gained +3/+3 somehow and I gained 10 armor. Then lose 10 blood and my opponent gained 6 blood. my whole board got wiped out and then so did theirs. But even though Yogg was dead it kept going. I then gained 5 new minions with a combined power of 32 blood and then my hero power changed to a priest and I healed myself. And then finally I was able to summon all my hunter companions which I immediately found and crafted after this game was done. At this point I was so shocked at the turn of events and in two turns I wiped them out. I finally reach rank 20 which I have never been able to do since the start of Hearthstone. This was a weird week, but it was such a memorable one and I am ended up positive by the end of it so I am definitely happy. Definitely gonna work on my hunter deck this weekend. If anyone knows of some good tips for Hunter in the current meta that would be most appreciated.

Thanks for listening