I don't plan on writing a novel, but I'm also going to just go until I'm done:

Tuesday, T -3 Days

Checked into the hotel, took my roommates to track down Old Man Fuerstenhoppy.
Met up outside CU 29 just before the storm hit and taste tested some Ghost Chili Vodka where we got invited to come back for a "gang bang" by the cute bartender.

Then met up with a mix of the RTNY and Tech crew at the Elephant Room. Some lady met her husband, dollars were signed and affixed to the ceiling, Irish exits were had, gave a bum $20 for directions, everyone thought I was dead.

Wednesday T -2 Days

Met up with the Tech crew, got our stuff unpacked, tried downloading games and updating consoles scratching our heads as to why it was taking forever... two words Network Loop

All those poor packets just wanted to go home... Disappeared for Team Lead pizza party, everyone thought I was dead.

Buffalo Billiards had Strongbow.

Thursday T -1 Day

Pretty sure Adam set a record for number of Amazon Now deliveries within a 24 hour period. He'll be giving out USB extenders as lanyards next year, he bought out the entire stock within a 20 mile radius. Things started coming together. Iron Works BBQ for lunch, very happy tummy.

I stayed until about 9pm in the convention center setting up capture stations and was one of the last ones out, everyone thought I was dead.

Buffalo Billiards still had Strongbow.

Friday, Day 1

Audio sync issues all day. Four year old external capture devices didn't like us.

Needed to jump in the pool before I met up with everyone, they thought I was dead.

Buffalo Billiards still had Strongbow.

Saturday, Day 2

Razer Ripsaw to the rescue. Audio problems fixed.

Got myself some Easy Tiger pastrami and Austin East cider, met some folks from RT Pittsburg who'll probably never want to see us again because we were even more loud and obnoxious than usual. My roomies peaced out early and I got home super late, they thought I was dead.

Sunday, Day 3

Easy peezy all day until close. The Ficus was triumphed over, monitors were stolen, network switched were purged, pallets were wrapped, hugs were given, goodbyes were said, pallets were unwrapped, monitors were returned, pallets were re-wrapped and drinking began.

Billiards ran out of Strongbow before I even got there. There was a helluva lot of Fireball flowing around. Where's Me? I dunno, everyone thought I was dead.

Monday, Independence Aftermath

Hangovers were strong, Casino el Camino for bloody mary's and giant burgers, then the Tiger for some shandy's & cider to wash it down and finished the morning off with some JimJim's italian ices, (I refuse to call it "water ice" that's dumb and redundant).

Went to the rooftop pool, snuck some people in, pulled some evasive maneuvers on a 70 year old pink bikini wearing panther, snuck some more people in, ordered home slice and snagged a couple of half cases of beer, watched the fireworks, closed out the pool and gave the leftover beer to some bums.

I hit the bed hard... I thought I was dead.

All in all, best RTX yet.